Powersport Vehicle Service & Repair in Mooresville, NC

*Under NEW Leadership

You can't anticipate every hazard on the road and when circumstances like an inattentive motorist merge too quickly or nature lashes out, your ride can come to an end. Damage to motorsport vehicles happens to even the most veteran of riders, so it's best to have a reliable motorcycle, ATV, or UTV repair shop lined up for when it happens to you. However, finding expert motorcycle mechanics or ATV service professionals can be more difficult than it appears. Some only perform shoddy patchwork for a temporary fix before handing you the big bill. So, finding dependable repairmen can seem too daunting a task. You need quality power sports vehicle repair that not only fixes the problems facing your ride but improves every aspect of it. At Interstate Cycle, we want to overdeliver on our service rather than underperform on our work. We know and understand what it means to ride so we treat every worn-down or beaten vehicle like one of our own. Our highly trained team of mechanics performs a wide range of diagnostics and inspections that locates the not-so-apparent issues too, but in an efficient and timely manner so you can be out of the shop and out on the road or trail.

Our service doesn't stop on land, our crew is prepared to fix damage brought to your PWC as well. Our PWC repair is the difference between a craft that cuts through water and cruises on waves versus a burnt-out ride that slowly sinks to the lake bottom. If your watercraft is showing signs of deterioration, it's time to bring it in for our quality PWC service. This dynamic service also extends to the top-gun Yamaha brand, where we ensure performance-focused WaveRunner® repair.

We are committed to providing a great customer experience in all areas of our dealership. We diligently strive to provide timely repairs and great communication throughout the entire service process. We love finding new ways to improve and enhance our processes to better serve our customers!

Yamaha WaveRunner® Service If you purchased your WaveRunner® from Interstate Cycle, we provide priority scheduling and mobile service.